B4ME Youth Studies

B4ME Youth Studies is a 501©(3) nonprofit that provides educational programming in the areas of black history, restorative justice, and financial literacy. Targeting youth, ages 13 -18, in Little Rock communities of color, our program seeks to disrupt the cycle of black generational poverty.

By the year 2032, people of color will become the majority in the United States, yet the ratio of white family wealth to black family wealth is higher today than it was at the start of the century. Staggering racial disparities in economic opportunity persist, revealing a power and opportunity differential that can be traced back to our nation’s inception. The current racial wealth gap reflects a legacy of inequality that has been passed down through generations.

Our Mission

B4ME seeks to empower youth to take control of their futures through education, self-awareness, and financial literacy.

“African American History is American History which is ALL of our History.” MG

Our Vision

B4ME envisions a nation where the racial wealth gap is closed, and all communities have the same opportunity for educational attainment and economic prosperity.

Core Values

  • Equity
  • Restorative Justice
  • Stewardship
  • Servant Leadership